Looking for Knives to Buy

If you are ever looking to buy a new knife of any type, you will soon find out that there are literally dozens of any type to choose from and so you will have to decide which would probably be the best for what you want the knife for. One of the best ways to do this is to first go online and read reviewsabout the type of knife you are hoping to buy. One of the types of knife which gets a lot of attention online is the Balisong Knife, known to some as the Butterfly Knife and possibly the reason it gets so much attention is because in the hands of an expert, this knife can give an impressive display. The knife itself, at first at least, looks very similar to any other pocket knife but perhaps the main difference is in the handle. Unlike other pocket knives, the Balisong knife has a handle which is in two halves and each half is hollow to allow half of the blade into each. This facilitates the blade being covered or uncovered in a multiple number of ways each of which is quick. When done fast all of these un-coverings or coverings of the blade are known as tricks and when a number of tricks are done one after the other, it provides a display which is so dramatic it stays in people’s memories and they too want to be able to perform the tricks themselves. Although many would like to get one of these knives and learn the tricks themselves, it is only a relative few that actually do and one of the reasons for this is that in many States and countries, these knives are illegal to own let alone carry. It is not because these knives have caused a great deal of criminal violence that they are illegal but because so many owners cut themselves with this type of knife. How these Balisong knife owners cut themselves is by trying to perform the different tricks before they are able to safely do so. Anyway, in the 1940s after WW11, many American soldiers that were stationed in the Philippines returned to the US and with them they took a Balisong knife which they played with showing all the tricks they had learned to do with them. The knives immediately became popular with the other Americans and that is when the number of accidents occurred. Unschooled in how to do the different tricks with the knives, these new owners would cut themselves and need professional medical attention. By 1956 the US government decided that too many people were hurting themselves with the knives and so made them illegal, an action which many other countries followed. Today though perhaps that ban should be re assessed as now there are training Balisong knives available which allow people to learn the tricks without the possibility of causing themselves harm. If people learned the tricks on a trainer, they could then possibly own a real one without any dangers.