Cooking on a Campfire

Many people today opt to get away from the plague of cell phones and other devices this age of technology has endowed us with, by going hiking and camping in some of the many wilderness areas that still exist. Although this camping and hiking can allow us to fully enjoy the beauty of our natural planet with a minimum of expense and equipment, it does require two basic skills in order to be truly enjoyable. First you will need to be able to build an effective campfire and secondly, you will have to be able to cook meals on that campfire. A campfire can be very effective in cooking meals but the meals will probably be far different from the ones you cook in the comfort of your own kitchen at home. Fortunately there are now plenty of websites you can visit before you go on your trip, which will give you advice and campfire cooking help with recipes which are quick and easy to cook on a campfire and yet can provide nourishment and are filling, like a good campfire corned beef hash. Although your campfire meals may not be home cooked, there is no reason why they can’t be tasty and filling and experimenting with different recipes is often part of the fun of camping.

Of course though, you will not be able to make any campfire banquet if you don’t know how to get that campfire started in the first place. Although hardened campers may tell you that there is an art to making a good campfire, that isn’t necessarily true provided that you keep a few basic rules in mind. Perhaps the first and one of the most important rules is that to avoid starting an inadvertent bush fire, you properly prepare the site where you plan your fire to be. Preparing the campfire site means clearing an area of at least 10 feet all around it. You will be clearing the site of any leaves, branches or bush that could catch fire once the ire is lit and then spread to other bushes. For this reason, many campers opt to use camp sites which have been used before and so are already relatively cleared. Obviously in order to light the fire you will have to have bought matches or a lighter with you but the rest of the things you will need should be easily found in the vicinity of the chosen camp site area. You will something that you can light with a match to start the fire and this is called tinder, small pieces of twig and dry leaves. Although dry leaves will quickly start to burn, it is the twigs which will burn long enough to start the kindling burning. Kindling are small branches no thicker than your wrist and they should have been set up in the shape of an A frame, around the tinder before lighting the tinder. As the kindling starts to burn, you can carefully place the larger pieces of wood you have collected as fuel for the fire, against the frame.