Romantic Weekend In Sicily

Sicily is a beautiful place in Italy where many people go to experience the warm kiss of the sun, incredible beaches, breathtaking views of different land and water sights as well as their cultural heritage. You can get to Sicily by plane and it has so much to offer that a weekend may not really be enough for you to enjoy its many sights. It is a place rich in culture as well as nature. There are a lot of choices when it comes to accommodation but when you are on your romantic getaway, why not splurge a little bit and go for their luxury hotels. You can read a lot of luxury hotel sicily reviews to get an idea of the best place to go.

Tour Of Catania
One of the best places to go in Sicily is the city of Catania. There is a UNESCO World Heritage site in the historical center of the city that you shouldn’t miss. The Catania Cathedral is a place to visit and it can be found in the main square. The cathedral was dedicated to St Agatha and there you can find an ancient lavic stone elephant with an obelisk on top of it. After the cathedral, head on to the via dei Crociferi that is just near the cathedral. Both the sites feature a Baroque style of architecture. You will love the cloistered monasteries and the ancient churches that this place has to offer.

Another great site to go to is the Greek-Roman Theatre that features different styles in architecture. There are houses that were built on the walls of the theatre itself and all of them have now formed this great museum complex that you can only see in Catania.
After seeing the architectural sites in Catania, you can head to the traditional market area to get a feel and see of what it is to be a local. You can discover the flavors and colors of Catania by simply taking a look at their market.

Relax In Syracuse
After the trip to Catania, you can go straight to Syracuse. You can get to it from Catania in less than an hour by using a car. In Syracuse, you can find an archeological park where the Greek Theatre lies. This theatre is magnificently made and is still functional. In fact, in the months of May and June, theatrical representations of comedies and tragedies of the ancient world are held. These are all brought to you by the National Institute of Ancient Theatre.

Next is the oldest part of Syrcacuse, the island of Ortigia. This little island is connected to the city and boasts its great architectural remains that are a mix of Greek, Saracens and Romans style. You can really appreciate the difference in style but still harmonious mix of the different architecture.

After a day of sightseeing, you would want to relax and have a romantic time at sunset. You can take a dip at the crystalline sea or have dinner in one of the seafront restaurants found in the island. Get to taste the true Sicilian dishes.